Virtual UK Landline Numbers Direct To Your Mobile

Virtual UK Landline Numbers Direct To Your Mobile

ETE have arranged for KBVO - Virtual Telephone Number provider to offer discounted Virtual UK Numbers for 6 months to assist your new business start-up.

Starting your business will have a requirement for a business telephone number. You can now set up a local landline number immediately without the need to install a line in your home or office. You are able to select virtual numbers with any UK dialling code and even 0800 freephone numbers, which will ring directly to your mobile.

Your potential customers expect to see a landline number for your business and not just a mobile. It builds trust and confidence.

Virtual Landline numbers are extremely cost effective and easy to set up.

They have many benefits for new and developing businesses:
  1. Rings straight to your mobile with no "please hold, your call is being diverted" announcement.
  2. No long term contracts.
  3. No hidden costs.
  4. Set up same day.
  5. Choose your number from a live list of New UK Numbers.
  6. Have more than just one virtual number ring on your mobile. Cover different locations easily.
  7. Additional solutions you can choose to have on your service:
  • Whisper on answer – Lets you know it's a call from your landline before answering the call
  • Whisper Accept – Lets you decide if you want to answer the call or put to voicemail
  • Voicemail to email – No need to use your mobile voicemail when your landline is called.
  • Automatic divert to other numbers if you don't answer.
  • Ring on multiples numbers at the same time until one answers.
  • Time of Day – Your number rings during office hours and goes to voicemail after hours
  • IVR function – Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for accounts and Press 3 for Support
  • After answering, divert your caller to another number as though you were in the office

- Your new virtual number lets you create a professional office environment without the high cost. It is so simple & easy to do and KBVO will set the number up on your behalf to suit your business.

- Choose from brand new 01, 02, 0800 and 0845 telephone numbers.

- To choose your new business number complete your details below with the area code you want.

What You Get