Current Appointments Report

Current Appointments Report

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A Current Appointments Report is a document that can be downloaded for you by us from Companies House output service - Companies House Direct. Companies House is a registry of corporate information and the Current Appointments Report is a record of the information held on the register at the date of the report. It consists of the following information:
  • Company Name

  • Company Number

  • Date of Incorporation ASH BAR LTD

  • Registered Office Address

  • Company Type

  • Country of Origin

  • Status, whether active or dissolved

  • Nature Of Business

  • Number of Charges or Mortgages registered against the company and whether they are still outstanding

Any previous names of the company in the last 20 years are shown and a list of the key filing dates are given; these are:
  • Accounting Reference Date

  • Date Last Filed Accounts Were Made Up To

  • Date Next Accounts Are Due

  • Date Last Annual Return Was Made Up To

  • Date Next Annual Return Is Due

  • Date Last members list was filed

  • Date Last Bulk Shareholders List was filed

  • The next part of the Report lists all the Current Officer Appointments and gives full name, nationality, date of birth and service address of each director or secretary together with their date of appointment and the number of their other company appointments.
    The Report has the option to include or exclude Resigned officers. If included the information is the same as for the Current Appointments but also shows the date of resignation.
    The final section of the Report is a list of the recent filing history of the company and shows the date, form number and description of documents filed.
    We will send you the document by email.