Nominee Secretary Service

Nominee Secretary Service

The Companies Act 2006 – 6 April 2008 Implementation:

Under the provisions of Companies Act 2006, from 6 April 2008, it has not been mandatory for private companies to have a Company Secretary and they will be allowed to operate with just one Director if they wish.
However, a company still has the option to appoint a company secretary if required who will continue to act in the same way as before with no change to the duties and authority that applied under the previous rules.
It is important to note that there has been no change to the duties and responsibilities of the Company Secretary, and if no secretary is appointed then those duties must be carried out by the Director.
If you decide not to have a company secretary, you may be interested in our Annual Return Filing Service.


  • Following the Money Laundering regulations of 15th December 2007, in common with all other UK formation agents, we now require Due Diligence for this service.
  • If you have not already supplied your documents to us, you will need to send in photographic id Eg Passport/driving licence and confirmation of address Eg recent utility bill, bank statement, council tax bill. These can be original documents or copies certified by a solicitor, notary public or commissioner for oaths. Please also enclose an addressed envelope for their return to ensure that they are returned to your preferred address. We recommend that any documents are sent by special or secure delivery and if you are resident in the UK we will return all documents by special delivery. If you prefer, documents can be presented at our offices in person when they will be copied and returned to you immediately.

What is Included

  • Our dormant limited company ETE Conformation Client Secretary Ltd will act as your company secretary and we will complete your annual return.

Additional Information

This service is only available for existing customers.
  • The Company Secretary Service will need to be renewed after one year. You will be contacted regarding confirmation of details re: the filing of the annual return, and renewal of the service. If we are to provide an efficient service, you will need to keep us informed of any changes in contact details. If we are unable to contact you, we will be unable to file the annual return, nor continue to act on your behalf. Ultimately we will have to refer the matter to Companies House.
  • Our dormant limited company @UKPLC Client Secretary Ltd can act as your company secretary. The fee for this is £ 60 and covers completing the annual return.
  • Issuing shares, Transfers, Minutes of meetings, Notices for Annual General Meeting and all other company secretarial work will be charged at appropriate hourly rates from £ 80 to £ 190 per hour. Standard matters are at the £ 80 rate, complex advice is at higher rates along with referral to appropriate professionals.