Name Reservation Service

Name Reservation Service Package

If you want to reserve a name for future use and prevent anyone else from using that name then this service is designed for you.
ETE conformation will act as Corporate Director and Shareholder on your behalf, appoint a personal Nominee Director in accordance with the Companies Act 2006 and attend to all necessary Companies House filing requirements. (For plcs only, which still require a secretary, we will also act as a Secretary).
In forming a non-trading company we register the name of the business on the Companies House database in the same way as a trading entity and, by doing so we ensure that no-one else can trade under that company name. This act of protecting a name is one of the most common reasons for establishing a dormant company.
Should you ever wish to take over the running of the company or upgrade to a trading company simply pay a small upgrade fee, appoint your own officers and shareholders, change the registered office address and your business is ready for trading!

Our Name Reservation Package

  • Company continues as formed with ETE Conformation nominee director and additional natural director, shareholder and registered office of a non-trading company. We will also file the annual return and dormant accounts after the service is renewed at the end of a year.

Who is it for

  • Anyone wishing to protect a company name, hold an asset or intellectual property.
  • Anyone in the process of setting up a company without being ready to trade or does not want their details to appear on the public register at Companies House for the time being


  • Protect a Name
  • Get everything ready to setup a company without public disclosure

Additional Information

All paper documents will be sent first class on the day of formation
  • On forming a Name Reservation company, ETE nominees will remain in position as director and shareholder (and for plcs, as secretary). The company will be registered in England and Wales and your registered office will remain at the @ETE conformation office address:
    3, Stefan Verkovich Str., fl. 1, office 2 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
    ETEFORM.COM USA Branch 341 Raven Circle, Kent County Wyoming, DE 19934
    ETEFORM.COM Egypt Branch 47 Office Building, City Centre, Street 90-North, Section 1, New Cairo, Cairo, 11853
  • The charge of £70 is an annual fee which is payable before the Annual Return and Dormant Accounts are filed, a renewal notice will be emailed to you two weeks before year end. As part of our service we will manage the company for you and file your Annual Return and Dormant Accounts on your behalf.
  • If required, you will be able to upgrade and:
  • - activate the company
  • - appoint your own director
  • - transfer the subscriber share
  • - change your registered office to a different address ( in England or Wales )
  • To activate Extended Term Dormant Company - From £10