KPMG Small Business Accounting

KPMG Small Business Accounting

As a ETE Conformation Company Formations Customer, we want to make sure we're offering you the best solutions to help your business grow.

That's why we're working with one of the world's leading accountancy firms, KPMG. Through their dedicated KPMG Small Business Accounting service they can offer you an end-to-end solution for managing your accounting, tax and a whole lot more.

Don't be put off by their size, with prices starting from as little as £145 a month, KPMG are offering you their global expertise at affordable prices!

Keep reading to see how KPMG Small Business Accounting can keep you focused on the job in hand…


KPMG Small Business Accounting is a service to help with all your financial needs, think of it as an accountant, bookkeeper and Financial Director all rolled into one. You can receive unlimited access to a dedicated accountant responsible for all your accounting, bookkeeping, tax and payroll needs. KPMG will track your business performance and cash-flow every day, and provide detailed management information through their online services.

With competitively priced packages starting from as little as £145 per month, we do the admin so you can focus on your business.

Want the best for your business?Get in touch with the team to find out more.

The service includes:
  • Expert advice from your own KPMG accountant to help you make the right financial decisions
  • Affordable packages that could work out cheaper, especially if you currently pay for extra bookkeeping services, or spend time and resource on financial admin
  • An online accounting platform that takes away the hassle of handling financial admin and frees you up to focus on your business
  • Your figures in real time, anytime, anywhere, so you always know exactly how your business is performing
  • Access to our network of KPMG specialists when you need expertise on specific challenges and opportunities
  • Promotion of your services to over 13,000 KPMG employees in the UK
  • Watch the video on KPMG Small Business Accounting here