Company Tax Books

Company Tax Books

Access 700 Reports, All Tax Books & Have UK and Offshore Tax Questions Answered For Free!

Obtaining specific UK and international tax planning advice from a good tax adviser can prove to be both difficult and expensive. Charge out rates begin at £150/hour and increase rapidly if you go to a recognised expert. In addition you'll find that many high street accountants lack the specialist skills required to advise on offshore tax planning. service gives members access to fast online tax planning guidance advice, (covering both UK and offshore tax planning) from top tax experts at a substantially reduced cost.

Key benefits of membership include:
  • Access to almost 700 tax planning articles and reports,
  • free online tax Q&A service
  • Access to all of free downloadable tax books - all members get at least 8 free books whilst Gold and Platinum members can access all of our books
  • Access to free online tax planning tools/calculators
  • Professional membership includes the creation of a free iphone app branded specifically for your practice with tax articles, tax calculators, latest tax rates, information about your practice and sample Q\A's

About the Author

  • The Author of this article is the Editor of , Lee Hadnum.
  • Lee is a rarity among tax advisers having both legal and chartered accountant qualifications. After qualifying a prize winner in the Institute of Chartered Accountants exams, he also went on to become a chartered tax adviser (CTA).
  • He worked in Ernst & Youngs Entrepreneurial Services department for a number of years before setting up his own tax planning practice. He is now a full time tax author.

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