Annual Return Filing Service

Annual Return Filing Service

Annual Return Filing Service

The Annual Return is a document which outlines the following:
  • the name of the company
  • its registered number
  • the type of company it is, for example, private or public
  • the registered office address of the company
  • the address where certain company registers are kept if not at the registered office
  • the principal business activities of the company
  • the name and address of the company secretary
  • the name, usual residential address, date of birth, nationality and business occupation of all the company's directors
  • the date to which the annual return is made-up (the made-up date)

  • And if the company has share capital, the annual return must also contain
  • the nominal value of total issued share capital
  • the names and addresses of shareholders and the number and type of shares they hold or transfer from other shareholders

  • If you decide not to purchase our Annual return Filing Service, you may be interested in our Annual Filing and Compliance Service.

Additional Information

  • Please note that if you have purchased our company secretary or name reservation services the filing of the Annual Return is included.

  • When you click on BUY NOW you will be asked to log in and select the company for which you wish to buy the service

  • Issuing shares, Transfers, Minutes of meetings, Notices for Annual General Meeting and all other company secretarial work will be charged at appropriate hourly rates from £ 80 to £ 190 per hour. Standard matters are at the £ 80 rate, complex advice is at higher rates along with referral to appropriate professionals.