Admin Area

Admin area

If you have a query that you cannot find the answer to, please contact us - our contact details are above right. Support office hours are 9-5:30, Mon-Fri.

I can't login to do my online forms

You may change it by sending Form AA01 to the Registrar of Companies at Companies House. You must do this during the accounting period affected by the change or during the period allowed for delivering the associated accounts.

How is the accounting reference date set?

Please check your login name and password carefully. If you have more than one company, they could be under different logins. You should have received an e-mail with your correct username and login. If you still can't get in, you should try closing down all of your browser windows and trying again. It may also help to reboot your computer. If all else fails, please contact us.

Where and what is the admin section?

You can access the admin section using this link:

You can also log in on the company formations page - just click on the black login button top right and login to company admin, or on our home pageclick on the black customer login button top right and select CompanyFormation Administration. You can use the admin section to amend details before and after the company is registered. It is absolutely FREE.